Events dedicated to Rakia (local fruit brandy), which we at RakiaSHOP organize

Rakia tasting (rakien krajok):

Rakia tastings (rakieni krajotsi) are pleasant rather educational as well as fun events and are traditionally held at Raketa Rakia Bar, which is a great place for such events and a great local restaurant, top rated on Trip Advisor. What we do is professional tasting of 4-6 rakias dedicated to a certain theme. Each rakia is presented individually and served with the appropriate for it dish, called in Bulgaria “meze”. There may be a countless number of topics (grape rakias; plum rakias; summer rakias; winter rakias; rakias suitable for an aperitif; rakias suitable for a digestif, etc.). Each rakia is served in tasting quantities (20ml-30ml) accompanied by small dishes in the form of meze tailored to each rakia. If the event is held at Raketa Rakia Bar, Raketa’s kitchen prepares special mezes for each event. The event always starts with an introduction/explanation of what rakia is and what the right way to taste fruit brandies is. It is also possible to organize the event at a location chosen by you. In that case, there is an opportunity to order catering.

Duration of the event – about 1 hour

Maximum participants – 25 to 30 people

Minimum participants – 6 people

Indicative prices for RAKIA tastings:

  • price for an event (rakien krajok) in Raketa Rakia Bar from Sunday to Thursday – BGN 65 per person
  • Events at Raketa Rakia Bar on Friday and Saturday are held with a prior reservation. Please keep in mind that the opportunities in those days are very limited.
  • price for an event at a location of your choice (office, rented space, restaurant which you have agreed with, etc) – BGN 40 per person

The prices are indicative and depend on your choice of the number and types of rakia and meze, but will not vary substantially.

Tastings of RAKIA and wine or RAKIA and another kind of spirit.

In addition to specialized tastings of rakia, we also offer combined ones that enjoy great interest, especially abroad. These are combined tastings of wine and rakia, which we do extremely professionally and also structure thematically. The topics are, for example, “local grape varieties” where we show wines and rakias of the same local grape varieties with a certain logic, rakias and wines dedicated to a certain type of food, etc. In addition the experience we have allows us to make events/tastings of rakia combined with different types of spirits based on various kinds of logic- such as rakia and rum, rakia and whiskey, etc. Approximate price for tasting 3 rakias and 3 wines/spirtis would be about BGN 50 per person. If you are interested in such an even and would like to receive an offer, please contact us at or 0882527935.

RAKIA team buildings:

We offer team buildings and workshops based on rakia, which we adapt to the circumstances.

Here is an example of a concept:

We start with an introduction of what rakia is. We do it interactively. For example, we take a flip chart on which we do brainstorming and everyone in the room gives keywords about what they associate the word “rakia” with. Then, again in an interactive way, we make a summary and a conclusion.

Followed by an introduction of how to taste rakia properly.

Then we divide the people into teams and organize a competition for them. We let them taste 4-5 rakias and let the teams write what flavors and aromas they find (something like a simplified tasting note). At the end of the exercise, we explain each of the rakias the participants tasted and announce the winner.

In case of pre-declared interest, we offer a short, but very interestingly presented, theoretical preparation on a topic proposed by us and chosen by you – maturation, different styles of a particular type of rakia, regions, etc. We support each theoretical part by a tasting of the particular rakias, which best illustrate the theory in practice.

The theoretical part could be followed by the following games/exercises (tastings of RAKIA):

  • Blind tasting – based on the theory and what people had tasted, we offer them some rakia and let them recognize what is in the glass. (Price from BGN 50 per person)
  • Team food pairing – we divide the attendees into teams and they combine food with rakia or vice versa. This option is more complex and time consuming and requires cooperation with the kitchen at the venue. (Price from 55 BGN per person)

The price and duration of each event depend mainly on the exact number of people and the chosen format and location. In case you are interested, we can of course make you an exclusive offer.

Rakia Dinner including a several course menu where each course is combined with the proper kind of RAKIA or a combination of RAKIA or wine depending on the course:

How does it work:

We choose a certain topic – for example, local grape varieties or a thematic arrangement of food. There may be a wide variety of topics. In case you are interested, please contact us for a detailed description of what we offer at or 0882517935.

Here is a sample offer for a RAKIA dinner – a menu consisting of several courses is made and the drinks (for example 3 rakias and 3 wines) are served in a certain sequence depending on the food. In this case we no longer serve a tasting quantity, but a normal according to the Bulgarian standards quantity – a glass of wine or 50 ml of rakia respectively. Let’s take as an example the topic of local grape varieties, we choose a misket based rakia and a misket based wine; a muscat based rakia and a muscat based wine, then a red wine and a digestive rakia. Each of the drinks is presented individually during the event and we explain why it suits the food chosen for it.

In this case the price depends very much on the selected wines and rakias, as well as on the price that the kitchen will require for the food at the location where the event takes place.

This type of events would be very appropriate in case, for example, a company invites customers or other partners for dinner. We have the opportunity to work with many restaurants on this kind of an offer.

Our experience shows that the price varies between 85 and 140 BGN per person.

In case you are interested, please contact us at 0882517935 or Follow us on facebook in order to stay up to date forour upcoming events.