Welcome to the world’s largest online shop for boutique, carefully selected and 100% natural rakia – RakiaShop.

Throughout the years we have talked to many people and actually we all have experienced the same problem – in reality there is has been no rakia from the Balkans, which is at the desirable high quality level and is at the same time easily accessible outside of the country, which it is produced in. All the people tell us all the time that they cannot find good Bulgarian rakia, good Serbian rakia, good Croatian rakia, good Bosnian rakia, good Albanian rakia and so on.

It is great honour for us to be able to offer to all of you now a selection of rakia from different countries on the Balkans, which is at top world level and quality:

  • Bulgarian rakia
  • Serbian rakia
  • Croatian rakia
  • Bosnian rakia

Expect soon as well:

  • Macedonian rakia
  • Albanian rakia

We offer the following varieties:

  • Grape rakia
  • Quince rakia
  • Apricot rakia
  • Viljamovka (Pear rakia)
  • Plum rakia
  • Raspberry rakia
  • Medovina
  • Peach rakia
  • Fig rakia
  • Cherry rakia
  • Apple rakia
  • Rakia made from Wild Pears

Ordering rakia online and its delivery to you in the whole of Europe is now possible and realistic. The goal of RakiaShop is to manage to offer to all fans and connoisseur of this excellent drink from the Balkans the best rakia from the Balkans at a single place – We hope that this is going to contribute to the convenience of our clients, as well as the development of the market and image of rakia and the sale and purchase of rakia in internet Europe wide and worldwide.