We are a group of enthusiasts who love rakia as a drink and part of the heritage of the Balkans. RakiaSHOP is based on our hobbies to explore, try new things and enjoy rakia as well as the culture of the Balkans. Although we are all professionals in other fields, these are the things that unite us all.

RakiaSHOP is a new and fast developing business based on the initiative and passion of its founders and employees. Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs by providing them with high quality service and products at reasonable prices.

Our core business is trade, import, export and consulting services with regard to rakia on a retail and B2B basis.

In addition to that we also provide those services for wine from the CEE region on B2B basis only.

We are highly specialized in unique high quality products and have the capacity, flexibility and necessary network to act quickly based on our clients’ needs and wishes.