Macedonia has historically always been famous with its agricultural sector and vast availability of fruits and especially grape. Together with its high quality famous wines, Macedonia also produces high quality rakia.

The production of homemade rakia is very popular all across the country. The production for non-private use is mostly concentrated around the large for the size of the country wine producers. Consequently, the main kind of rakia produced for non-private use is grape based.

Macedonia’s “Жолта ракиjа” (Zolta rakija) is the country’s flagship product, which is very famous and well recognized, not only locally but also internationally. It is lozova (grape based) based rakia, whose name comes from its yellow colour.

The consumer preferences basically match with the current market situation. The most popular kind of rakia on the market in the country is the grape based rakia. The non-grape based rakia is basically produced only as homemade for private use.

While the market has suffered greatly after the collapse of former Yugoslavia due to very complicated situation with export and the loss of some markets, the producers are investing in improving their products and finding reliable markets.

When you visit Macedonia, you will realize that the local people are very proud of their local production and will always be eager to add to their hospitality a glass of locally produced rakia. Do make sure that you do not miss this opportunity.