Grape rakia The Alchemist

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Grape rakia The Alchemist

Grape rakia The Alchemist is the first product – a result from the efforts and the real desire of an enthusiast who decided to go through the long and hard way of producing real rakia in Bulgaria and founded a new small Clemans distillery. The rakia is produced from wine and lees and a limited amount of pomace in a classic way in pot still with a column. The grape varieties used are Muscat, Traminer and Pamid.

The aroma is dominated by rose, lavender, cloves, grape skin and fresh spiciness of indrishe and white pepper followed by notes of forest soil and sweet nuances of licorice. Fine sweetness gives a hint of fig aroma.

The taste is characterized by equally intense freshness reminding of the juice of sweet tangerine, sweetness of a well-ripened fig and spiciness. The spiciness develops extremely powerfully on the palate together with grassy notes of indrishe and geranium.

This rakia is extremely suitable for consumption with salads and spicy food.

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