We offer a standard portfolio of brands of rakia which have been personally selected by us by visiting each and every producer, observing the production facilities, getting familiar with the products and the production process, tasting the products and so on. It is a long process which we are convinced adds tremendous value for our customers.

If you are looking for a particular rakia brand, rakia with a particular profile or something special you are currently not able to find on the market, please just let us know. We will search, taste and do anything else necessary in order to find and deliver to you the best product. On a regional CEE level, we are also able to provide those services for wine and not just rakia.

You are looking for a certain answer or detail with regard to rakia production, please also just let us know. In case we are not able to instantly provide you with an answer, we will search for one for you and let you know what we have found out.

On top of that, we offer any kind of consulting services as well as support, accessories and other products and services that fit or are associated with our core business activities.

At the end of the day, we also take it as our moral obligation to improve the quality and image of rakia globally.

Please note, that we are constantly looking for producers of high quality rakia from all countries and would always be interested to taste new products, get familiar with the production and hopefully in case the rakia meets our standards and requirements, include it in our portfolio. In case you are a producer, or you know about a certain producer of high quality rakia, which has all necessary certificates, please let us know.